About Dan Tan

Daniel Tannenbaum (Dan Tan) is an award-winning SEO consultant and draws on his experience of working with more than 1,000 clients over a 10-year period. 

He explains: “Over 10 years, you see every scenario, every kind of site, platform, industry, you get a good sense of what works and what doesn’t, all the potential curveballs and how to make your SEO strategy as effective and scalable as possible.”

His SEO expertise has attracted consulting work from the British Prime Minister, one of the UK’s most famous business personalities (You’re Fired!), the UK’s favourite restaurant chains (McDonald’s and Nandos) and multiple tech unicorns. 

He explains: “SEO has ultimately led me to live a more meaningful life, to learn how businesses work, generate residual revenue streams, spend quality time with my kids and get involved with my local community.” 

Dan is on the board of two charities (bringing together children through sport and one for children with disabilities) and he created the website holocaustmatters.org which is the UK’s most visited website for Holocaust Education, drives millions of visitors each year through SEO.

Dan prides himself on being a ‘larger than life’ character and is often compared to Kramer from Seinfeld – and he hopes that his energy is passed on through his work.

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A Note From Our Founder


When working for a startup out of university, I soon learned that immense power of SEO.

The average person didn’t understand SEO, but realised its huge importance, and instantly respected whoever knew about it. And when surrounded by all these big hitters and gods in the finance, retail or property industry, they were at the helm of the SEO guy in his t-shirt and baggy jeans because he offered the most cost-effective and scalable way to drive thousands or even millions of dollars worth of revenue within the next year. 

If you wanted to bring an extra 1 million visitors to your site in the next year, the only other way to get that kind of growth is maybe through a massive TV campaign, celebrity endorsement or viral marketing campaign – likely to cost millions to produce and execute. Sure, you can use influencers for things like beauty and health products, but they aren’t going to sell mortgages or car insurance.

But with SEO, you could rank top of Google for the right terms and you could be generating an extra 1 million visitors within months, pretty much for free if you know the right buttons.

In the movie The Founder which follows Michael Keaton as the brash businessman trying to grow the McDonald’s franchise, a young plucky advisor says to him, “You’re not in the burger business, you’re in the real estate business. You need to own the real estate for which that burger is made.”

And this could not be more true for SEO. 

Whether I was working with people selling jewelry, mortgages or car parts, they could provide the product or service brilliantly, but without marketing, nobody knows who they are and they are completely invisible. 

But, if you rank top of Google for all your key terms, you instantly look big and like the leader in your industry – despite being a small firm or a newcomer. It gives you market positioning.

You are the first company they enquire with, you get the first shot at the lead and you can blow them away (not literally), make the sale and make a lifelong repeat customer. Hence, business owners quickly realise that their entire growth and business model becomes dependent on whether they are top of Google and can maintain it. 

If you lose their rankings, enquiries stop, if you gain rankings, enquiries begin, like a tap being turned on or off. You my friend are not in the insurance business, you are in the SEO business.